SOTIRIOS ALEXIOUSoftware engineer / Research assistant


Alexiou Sotirios graduated from Computer Engineering and Informatics Department in 2019. He continues his postgraduate studies at the University of Patras in the interdisciplinary master program entitled “Information Proseccing Systems And Engineering Information”. From September 2019 until today he works as a research associate and researcher at the University of Patras and more specifically in the Visualization and Virtual Reality Group (VVR) and participates in the European project entitled “SmartWork Smart Age-Friendly living and Working Environment” as a programmer and data analyst. His qualifications in programming consist of basic knowledge in C #, C / C ++, Python, Android Development, Unity3D AR / VR, django, HTML, PHP, SQL, SQLite, pandas dataframes, Big Data and Data mining.

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Wire Communications Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Patras
GR – 26 500, Rion, Patras, Greece