Introducing a new project: Advancing AI with Multimodal Data, Explainable AI and Visuo-Haptic AR Tech

Welcome to the beginning of our project, “Panoptis”! Panopti’s main goal is to provide a set of software tools for supporting the fast processing and reconstruction of multimodal data and the rendering of XAI information using visuo-haptic AR technologies, in order to augment the user’s capabilities and maximize convenience and safety.

Unveiling the Vision

At its core, this project embodies a multifaceted approach to AI advancement, focusing on four major pursuits:

  1. An adaptive, scalable, intuitive, XAI-powered AR visuo-haptic rendering system.
  2. An AI-based powerful multimodal data processing toolkit.
  3. Adaptive digital twins and simulators for advanced simulated evaluation and safety assessment.
  4. An integrated eXplainable Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence framework for an efficient and effective human-machine collaboration.