Acronym : OActive

Full Title : Advanced personalised, multi-scale computer models preventing OsteoArthritis

Project Timeline

  • Start date : 1 November 2017

  • End date : 30 April 2021

OActive Description

The OActive project intends to make a significant leap forward adopting a multi-scale holistic analysis where patient-specific information from various levels, including molecular (e.g. biochemical/inflammatory biomarkers), cell, tissue and whole body, will be integrated and combined with information from other sources such as, environmental, behavioural and social risk factors to generate robust predictors for new personalised interventions for delaying onset and/or slowing down progression of OA.

OActive targets patient-specific OA prediction and interventions by using a combination of mechanistic computational models, simulations and big data analytics. Once constructed, these models will be used to simulate and predict optimal treatments, better diagnostics, and improved patient outcomes, overcoming the limitation of the current treatment interventions, Augmented Reality (AR) empowered interventions will be developed in a personalised framework allowing patients to experience the treatment as more enjoyable, resulting in greater motivation, engagement, and training adherence. The AR element will also be helpful for the therapists for validating the patients’ progress and allow them a more adaptive rehabilitation therapy in terms of flexible interactive content.

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