Acronym : Take-A-Breath

Full Title : Smart Platform for Self-management and Support of Patients with Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Project Timeline

  • Start date : July 2018

  • End date : July 2021

Take-A-Breath Description

Smart Platform for Self-management and Support of Patients with Chronic Respiratory Diseases

The project “Take-A-Breath” focuses on the design, research and development of an innovative system of personalized monitoring services for respiratory diseases through the combination of clinical research and new bio-indicators with innovative ICT technologies, such as gamification techniques. Specifically, it enables the guidance of patients to manage their own health, by providing user-friendly tools and applications to increase awareness of the clinical situation and the effectiveness of their health care and compliance to treatment. In particular, the work focuses on clinical research into new biomarkers associated with respiratory diseases, addressing a wide range of parameters of behavioral, environmental and psycho-emotional state of the person. In addition, it adopts and develops an ambitious and innovative approach to monitor the use of inhaled respiratory drugs, combined with techniques to learn how to use it properly, through a holistic approach to self-management, medical assistance and self-improvement. On this basis, a bio-surveillance network with capacity to adapt to any inhaler will be developed using non-intrusive sensors, along with an ICT system which is capable of: (a) to collect a multitude of data relating to the above during everyday activities of the user; (b) to educate patients on the correct use of inhalation devices, using innovative signal processing and computer vision techniques, with gamification techniques and mechanisms, as well as using virtual characters and interactive narrations, and (c) to provide guidance to the patient when it is required in conjunction with a decision support system and appropriate interventions (receiving medical assistance, self-management of asthma attacks etc.)


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