Machine learning based technique towards smart laser fabrication of CGH


Abstract — Fabrication of Computer-Generated Holograms (CGHs) on metal surfaces is a challenging procedure, given the nature of the laser-matter interaction specified for metals, and the power requirements for silver laser machining. A machine learning approach is derived for engraving of CGHs on silver surfaces with a 1070 nm fiber laser. The proposed method paves the way towards an automated solution for the fabrication of CGH on silver surfaces that accounts for, in terms of manufacturability. Sophisticated image-based descriptors are extracted from digital holographic masks produced by commercial CGH design software to predict, using machine learning, a “quality score” from ‘1’ to ‘5’, estimating the fabrication feasibility of a CGH’s mask. Based on this idea, the procedure of CGH engraving on silver is remarkably improved.

A. Anastasiou, E.I. Zacharaki, D. Alexandropoulos, K. Moustakas and N. Vainos, “Machine learning based technique towards smrt laser fabrication of CGH”, Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 227,, April 2020.