VVR group members were selected as finalists in the 3DUI contest of the IEEEVR2022 conference. This year’s IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) was held entirely online in a virtual environment. The purpose of the contest is to stimulate innovative and creative solutions to challenging 3DUI problems.

The theme of this year was “Arts, Science, Information, and Knowledge – Visualized and Interacted” where participants needed to create and submit a 3DUI project implementing some well-known 3DUI techniques and extend their capabilities to be more effective and efficient in the proposed application.

“ArtScape: Gamified Virtual Reality Art Exploration”

by Agapi Chrysanthakopoulou, Konstantinos Kalatzis, George Michalakis and Isidoros Michalellis

The proposed work provides the integration of 3DUI techniques and aims to familiarize and inform potential users about various artworks and artists. All techniques are implemented into the context of a virtual reality escape-room or treasure-hunt game, where the information provided for the paintings is necessary to solve the puzzles and as a result, contributes to an immersive experience where 2D paintings break into the 3D world creating a living artwork.