VVR group members were very excited about the IEEEVR2021 conference and, surely, it paid off!! This year’s IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) was held entirely online in a virtual environment and hosted its 12th annual 3DUI contest.
The purpose of the contest is to stimulate innovative and creative solutions to challenging 3DUI problems.
The theme of this year was “Challenging Pandemics” where participants needed to create and submit a 3DUI project that addresses the current COVID-19 situation directly, or indirectly.

“Remote adversarial VR serious game simulating COVID-19 infection spread and protection protocols.”

by Konstantinos Kalatzis, Michael Pavlou Agapi Chrysanthakopoulou, Dimitris Laskos Dimitris Voultsidis and Sotiris Georgakopoulos

We designed a multiplayer Virtual Reality gamified simulation based on COVID-19 indoor safety guidelines. The simulation was based on the latest literature and included real-time airborne virus transmission and visualization of the transmission effects.The whole experience was accompanied by a 3D user interface with gamification educative challenges.

“Dr.supER: Intubation and Ventilator Troubleshooting VR Simulation”

by Nikolaos Kotsarinis, Panagiotis Sakellaropoulos, George Michalakis, Maria Kounalaki and Aspasia Triantafyllou. Where we developed a VR gamified simulation regarding the intubation and ventilator troubleshooting procedures taking place in an Emergency Room (E.R.). The simulations aim to train the end-user on these actions to enhance their possibilities of achieving optimal performance under stress. Through the gamification, it is, also, expected to empathize the layman regarding the daily challenges of the medical staff’s job in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).