InsideAR brings together the industry leading speakers, brands and companies for two days to discover and experience Augmented Reality via live demonstrations, keynotes and the expo area.

Experience the future of Augmented Reality and the current applications changing the world around us at InsideAR – the Augmented Reality Conference.

2013 was an extremely successful year for InsideAR, experiencing the largest and the most successful AR conference of all time by bringing together over 800 attendees, 45 speakers, more than 400 different brands and companies and over 20 of the latest live AR demonstrations – all while expanding the event to San Francisco, USA and Tokyo, Japan.
In 2014. InsideAR will grown even more, taking place not only in Munich, Germany on October 29th and 30th, but also in Tokyo, Japan on July 8th and in Beijing, China on September 5th.

The main topic of InsideAR 2014 will be 3-D Sensors and Wearable Technologies. Be prepared to once again meet IKEA, AUDI, Intel, SAP, McDonald’s, Mitsubishi Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Ball Packaging Europe, VW, Vuzix, NVIDIA, Imagination Technologies and many more. Metaio will again be hosting the event and promises to share key insights on where in future of Augmented Reality is going, continuing the theme of “Always On, Always Augmented”.