VVR group undergraduate students Nikolaos Tsagkas and Ioannis Koutoulogenis, supervised by Associate Professor Konstantinos Moustakas, won the “Best Student Innovation Challenge Award” of the Hyundai sponsored SIC-Mobility Challenge in the context of the IEEE Worlhaptics conference that was held in Tokyo, Japan on July 9-12, 2019.

Initially, the group had been accepted as one of the seven finalists of the challenge and were invited to demonstrate their application on-site. The developed awarded prototype, entitled “Gamified haptic UI for increasing trust in autonomous vehicles”, included both hardware implementation of a wearable haptic sensor and actuator, use of the off-the-shelf Ultrahaptics mid-air haptic rendering device and a Virtual Reality software system whose aim is to gamify and increase trust on the use of autonomous vehicles.


We would also like to thank our travel sponsors for supporting the team