The Visualization and Virtual Reality Group and Dimitar Stanev received the Grand Technical Award, among the twenty teams that participated in the OpenSim Advanced User Workshop that was held at Stanford University during 28-31 March 2018.

The submitted proposal, with title “Multi-scale analysis of the knee complex” aims to develop multi-scale, patient-specific models of the knee to predict and prevent the progression of osteoarthritis using coupled rigid-body and finite element (FE) analyses. This work is part of the OACTIVE – H2020 project. Some of the project goals are to develop patient-specific knee models in order to assess individuals’ knee mechanics at a tissue level, so that proactive measurements, such augmented reality gait retraining can be made to avoid the progression of OA. The OpenSim framework is a tool for modeling and simulation of musculoskeletal systems and was extensively used to extract various variable that are related to the disease progression. Furthermore, a FE model was developed, where the boundary conditions extracted from OpenSim were applied to the FE model in order to analyze the tissue mechanics during a normal gait.